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Neighbours Episode 7000 hits Ritzland!

Yeppy yep! The indefatigable, the indestructible, the evergreen, the juggernaut of suds and drama that keeps on keepin’ on has finally hit and gone beyond it’s 7000th episode. Approx. 5,500 of them have been music produced at the various incarnationsĀ of Ritzland Music, from the bedroom cutting 1/4″ tape with the white china-graph and using the new fangled DAT recorder to now, super produced in Pro-Tools in the beautiful Ritzland Music Studio. No gold watches and long service leave here! Should have gone on the payroll! Fact!! Ritzland has been working on the show longer than Dr Karl! Done more eps than Paul Robinson and Harold Bishop and Madge. Never met Bouncer, (although I think I saw his water-bowl once) Kylie or Jason. Re-vamped that ‘gotta love it’ theme song three times. Composed duet for Tuba & Electric Guitar (Harold and his protege Paul). Composed the unforgettable ‘River Of The Soul’ and ‘Free As A River’ (Dr Karl & The Right Prescription). Ah, theme was the days!…..and still is. Congratulations to the whole cast & crew for holding the good ship Neighbours together.

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