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Ritzland Music Publishing

In conjunction with Mushroom Music Publishing, Ritzland Music Publishing has been established to provide publishing opportunities, varying in scale, to songwriters looking for alternative income streams derived from their craft. Soundtrack and advertising syncs have the potential to provide a background income stream for published writers let alone wide exposure to markets that otherwise would not be available or yet to be exploited. We will work to expose the writer’s works to a wide range of licensed music users and secure appropriate fees for their successfully licensed works.

Ritzland Music Publishing is a full publisher member of APRA/AMCOS, and will always act to a high ethical and professional standard. Our agreements conform to common industry standards of fairness and mutual responsibility.

Artists Signed:

Ray Danes Works: Ray Danes Album – 11 songs

Tamma Works: Various – Debut single, ‘Beat You Down’

LAZERTITS Works: Entire catalogue including ‘Boss Bitch’, ‘Gender Studies’, ‘Not Punk Per Se’ album, ‘Aubergine Dreams’ Ep.