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Post By: Chris

Ritzland Music Publishing hooks up with Mushroom

In other news, Ritzland Music Publishing has signed an admin agreement with Mushroom Music Publishing to administer new catalogue from Ritzland Records. Our first artist off the mark is Ray Danes with the release of his single ‘Falling’ and the upcoming release of his debut album ‘In Fear’. All recorded and produced at Ritzland Studios.

Neighbours Episode 7000 hits Ritzland!

Yeppy yep! The indefatigable, the indestructible, the evergreen, the juggernaut of suds and drama that keeps on keepin’ on has finally hit and gone beyond it’s 7000th episode. Approx. 5,500 of them have been music produced at the various incarnationsĀ of Ritzland Music, from the bedroom cutting 1/4″ tape with the white china-graph and using the […]

Ray Danes launch gig is set!

Ritzland Records is pleased and rather stoked to announce the launch of Ray Danes new single ‘Falling’ Yep! We are throwing a gig at The Grace Darling Hotel to launch Ray’s epic first single – ‘Falling’. Be there and cop a set of his beautiful and gutsy songsĀ capped off with the premiere performance of ‘Falling’. […]